Pupil, Personnel and Support Services
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Pupil, Personnel and Support Services

Here you will find information about Pupil, Personnel and Support Services here at ISD #109

Social Emotional Learning Standards (SEL)

As we continue to see the rise in bullying and harassment across the nation, #109 has chosen to take an active focus in the SEL standards to support the “Whole Child”. No longer is it the role of the Social Worker to work with our students needing emotional support – All of our children are ALL of our responsibilities. We will be focusing on the SEL standards through Professional Development opportunities as well as alignment collaboration meetings with classroom teachers and social workers from the district.

Positive Behavior Support Systems (PBSS)

Throughout the past two years, we have been working within the district to align to a district standard of high expectations and teaching of behaviors. We have created a district level matrix aligned with expectations and continue to craft ‘cool tools’ that help teach our students appropriate behaviors.